Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Where do I want to go today?

Hi Amelia!

Great to read more about your work. I'm interested in your experience of California, and how it became quite cinematic. I often think I intake lots of sights and experiences in a rather filmic way, like it's filtered down through watching films about such places.

I've been thinking about where i'd like to go on holiday later in the summer - America/California has popped up a lot! (though lately been replaced by Eastern Europe). When deciding where to go, my first reference point seemed to be films of some sort - like what films have I seen that have been set in that state? or that the experience I imagine I would have in a certain state/location is influenced by the films I've seen that have been filmed there.

Film definitely effects my experiences of things, both through the scenarios/plots/action that I can imagine being being played out in whatever environment I'm in...but also more in terms of how a space is dissected/analysed through framing and composition. I don't mean just the way I take photos of space, but more that the processes I go through when I'm in a certain environment relate to film making in someway.

Here's some images of recent work. I'm not sure if these exact pieces will go into the final show , but the ideas and methods that they contain will do. I'll post some more images soon.

Looking forward to our discussion in the space - I think we'll all have lots to talk about!

bye for now


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