Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Structure for the talk?

Hey everyone

Really great to see the questions coming through. It will give us something to talk about when we all meet up!

Regards the talk - yes, we should have some structure to it so it doesn't turn into a mess. i've invited a quite a few people - so if they all turn up we could have quite a big audience!

Any ideas for how to structure the talk?

Should we have someone chairing it? I didn't managed to contact anyone over reviewing it (partly short notice....A-n need a fair bit of notice to select a reviewer....and I've been dead busy) but I could try and contact someone who might want to join in the debate and chair it? maybe one of the reviewers you mentioned andrew?...someone from mancester who might be receptive to our concerns.

also, Sara the curator will be in the audience and ask some questions as well.

We'll obviously have lots to talk about, so we don't need to worry about that, it's just making sure it's kept on track. We should think about aims of the talk. what do we want to get out of it?

Sarah thought the issue of artists curating their own work (as opposed to just curators) was an interesting angle......

For me, it's about learning from other peoples approaches to making art. Sort of seeing if the issues I get wrapped up in and often get stuck with, are similar in other peoples practices, and therefore how do they deal with them....just an idea.


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