Sunday, 18 April 2010

It's all getting quite exciting now, seeing the work take shape. Hamish, I hope your paintings below make it in because I like them. Andrew, I can see links between what you posted initially and the sculptures taking shape - although as you say, not literal! I like the idea of them being a gesture in space.

I am thinking of printing out my text episodes on one big sheet of paper, perhaps putting a grid in the background and some lines linking the texts which might be suggestive of footpaths etc. To make people think of a map. I will be designing this tomorrow so fingers crossed it will work! Then next to this I will have some (2 or 3?) blocks of photographs of different landscapes. I'm not quite sure how these will be placed in relation to the texts yet.

My other question at the moment is, how are we going to structure the talk event? Do we just want to improvise, is someone going to chair it? Do we want to think about certain things in advance?

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