Friday, 16 April 2010

Cue to fadeout

Very annoying, i have just written a post for this that disappeared into the ether.

Still the gist of it was that i am intrigued and excited for the Monday when we come together to install. I am looking forward especially to seeing Amelia's writings come into the gallery and how this will be, they are so evocative and uncanny, just the right side of the skewed if that makes sense.

i have put an image from the studio of what i am up to, hopefully a bit of an amalgamation of the influences i posted earlier, but hopefully not as you imagined either.

They will be less colourful outwardly when they are finished, more black so more akin to a drawn gesture which i how i seem them really. an architect's doodle, when he has gone off the path of where he should go and into territory of something more radical, before he is drawn back to something more usual or safe by restraints of planning laws/costs/annoyed neighbours etc. or maybe a design for the craziest monkey climbing frame at the zoo, or the new Serpentine pavilion or one in the boom of China, or............

the cinematic elements are interesting, will be good to talk about this on the install Monday.

cue to fadeout

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