Monday, 29 March 2010

Keeping a messy Palette

Hi All, 

Wow!! great posts coming through here! It's really getting me thinking. 

Amelia - you're ideas sound really interesting. They kind of fit with the processes i've been going through in the studio. Well, they talk about a thought process going on inside ones head - and that's what I was doing when I was cycling by the docks. Or even just the idea of letting your thoughts ramble and wonder as you walk around town. The idea of not being able to describe to someone exactly how to get somewhere - even though you know you could find the way easily - I've felt that!!

Your second idea is also a great one - those words really tap into the kind of things I'm dealing with in the studio. The messy push and pull between marks and the direction of where the painting is going. They're juicy words and seem to talk about that tangle of making well! Quite Physical - Yeah! I'd be up for both ideas being realised in the exhibition.

Michael - You're Mount St Helen's photos look interesting. It's nice to get a window on your practice that's different from what I've seen on your website. You mention the trees echoing the lines on digital videos...It will be good to learn more about how these photos fit into your practice.

Andrew - great set of inspirations there. I really need to watch Suspiria! hmmm, I'm getting images of what your work might be like.....

Thanks for posting your thoughts on this blog - it's cool to see what other people are thinking about and is helping me to solidify my own ideas for the exhibition - and hopefully yours as well!

I've recently decided NOT to clean my palate up completely at the end of each day (a big step for me)...I don't know why, but before this I always thought it was good practice to wipe away all the old colours, and start the next day afresh. But, then I don't know where to key off from when I start the next day - so now I'm leaving the colours there! It gives me a sense of where my thoughts/actions were the previous day, but in a physical more tactile way. 

I'll post some more images when I get in the studio:-)

speak to you all soon



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