Monday, 29 March 2010

Happy nicking

Feel free to steal away!

Yes, I know the Fiona Banner work. She's one of those artists whose work I saw ages ago (in Turner Prize whilst I was doing my A-level art) and at the time didn't really 'get' or like that much but later became interesting. Another example would be Richard Long whose work I thought was really BORING until seeing the Tate exhibition last year. Probably something to do with scale.

I don't know Nicholson Baker's work but maybe I'll see if I can get them from the library. Hang on, I've just looked on Amazon and can get 'Box of Matches' for £0.34 (well £3 with postage) That'll do it! I must say I'm often quite a fan of books where nothing very much happens!

I thought I couldn't do the 2 ideas because of not fitting, although time-constraints are a consideration too! Will see how I get on.

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