Sunday, 28 March 2010

can i steal your wonderful ideas!?

Amelia, there are about 40 different potential artwork in a blog
why can't you do 2 different pieces-time constraints or the idea of fitting, i quite like the idea of not fitting or rather not quite fitting correctly!
but some late night thoughts....
the idea of places that are familiar on tv but out of context is such a feeling of uncanniness, it really throws you, i would love to see what story resulted from this.
and the others are gems too.
i am not convinced of image and text combined on the same image, seperate for me!
the 2nd image of the road with the steps down to the middle of the road is brilliant.
word drawings that are jammed, do it, do it, do it.
do you know the Fiona Banner life drawings? i put them above for you...maybe something there
also Nicholson Baker novels especially Box of Matches, seems to fit the story somehow, but not quite sure why......
Right got to dash to bed as my little boy is beginning to cry, which reminds me of another Nicholson Baker book called Room Temperature, again worth a read, just avoid the fermeta.
oh and your ideas are safe, i would never do that.

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