Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bike Rides

Here's a picture of a recent work of mine. It's called 'It's got to be fresh' (30x42cm) and is the starting point for my work in Global Studio. I made it last Autumn amongst lots of other works. I haven't really produced anything quite like it since, as it's a bit unknown to me at the moment - but feel there's something in there that captures what I'm about and my relationship to my surroundings.

I'm interested in the character and life of the marks in this piece. Surface quality will be important. I feel that marks come alive when there's a physical manifestation coming through on the canvas - like a ridge of smeared paint alongside a smooth area of paint.

On Thursday I took a bike ride at lunch time away from the studio down to the docks. It was a sunny day and great to get sense of space and scale different from my usual surroundings in Liverpool. I didn't have a specific plan as to how the sights would feed into my painting - I just wanted to make sure my head was filled with actual images of things, as well as the abstract marks and shapes that are in my work.

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