Saturday, 27 March 2010

Andrew Bracey's Inspirations

Ballard's The Crystal World and this book jacket Dario Argento's Suspiria, or rather my dim memory of it
A floral festival in Brussles.

Great to see the painting Hamish and I cannot wait to see the actual thing in Royal Standard soon. I have made a start on things for the show and seeing you work, makes me feel more strongly that the new work fits in nicely.....we shall see soon. Thought I would leave some of the inspirations that are going into the new work to leave you guesing, hopefully tantalisingly, but maybe intrigued, excited, baffled, disapointed, dazzled or confused or somewhere in between. Or I leave these as hopefully a common link to Amelia, Hamish or Michael and their work.....

The trusty painters palette

Wil Alsop's proposal paintings, so much more exciting than the buildings.

Buckminster Fuller

The back of the Hollywood sign

My thought of what Las Vegas must be like from a low flying aircraft

Drawings without the trappings of transending language or reality.

Magic mould gone crazy

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